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M7 Reverb
M7 Reverb
M7 Reverb
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Bricasti News

  • The Tannhäuser Gate review of the Bricasti M15 Amplifier.

- "It just sounds right. And Grammy-winning record producers and recording engineers definitely agree with that. Highly recommended for in-home audition."
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  • Bricasti Design has been Awarded Audio Art's "Best Value Of 2017" in recognition of the Bricasti M1 Special Edition.
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Show and Events

  • Axpona -

April 13 - 18,
Schaumburg, Illinois

  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest -

October 5 - 7,
Denver, Colorado

Artist Spotlight

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Airshow Mastering

Randy LeRoy & Charlie Pilzer

"My immediate reaction to the M28 amps and M1 converter was wow, my room and monitors in this facility has finally really reached the potential of what it can be when it was built six years ago."

Product Feature

Introducing the M21

Digital to Analog Converter

m12 product feature

The new M21 digital to analog converter utilizes three independent and user-selectable digital to analog signal paths: delta sigma and ladder dac for PCM conversion and for DSD playback, true direct DSD. Check it out! ▸