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Re: Roon Ready Certification

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the M3 does not perform sample rate conversion, and the way Roon is displaying it is misleading. To be more clear here is a brief explanation of how the PCM converter works in the M3.
For PCM conversion we use a sigma delta converter from Analog Devices, the AD1955. This device was chosen as it allows us to make the reconstruction filters external in our DSP, these are commonly called "oversampling" or the anti-aliasing filters and they are essential to how the converter works and the best reconstruction of the waveform. This filter its calculated at the 8 x higher rate, why you see 352.8 displayed (oversampled), and is done for better filter interpolation, these are the filters you have in the M3 to choose between, linear and minimum. Since we are doing it as an external process to the DAC chip, then Roon wants to report it that way, but how this is reported is misleading and unnecessary as its not an add on effect or extra process, it is essential to the operation of the converter. So be assured that we are not processing the signal other than to make the best PCM converter we can, and this part of the conversion process and not a gimmick.
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Re: Roon Ready Certification

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Thank you. I now understand. :)
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