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Re: Roon Ready Certification

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Hello. I'm the original poster on this thread. I wanted to ask if any progress has been made on Roon Ready certification for the M21. I'm still enjoying my M1SE, but lately I'm thinking again about what comes next. The combination of streaming endpoint functionality, delta-sigma conversion, R2R ladder conversion, and 1-bit DSD conversion offered by the M21 in a single chassis remains appealing to me. Thank you.
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Re: Roon Ready Certification

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we still have not been able to submit an M21 to Roon for final approval, in the meantime we are able to supply users with a beta version that works perfectly well, many users here have this version now and we do not get any reports of issues with it. in order to do this with Roon we have to "give" them and not get back an M21, so we have not been able to free one up for them and over the past year and more we have had limited production due to component issues and still face this now. It is our intention to complete this and as soon as we can have a unit to give away we can send one to them. but in the end it will not change how it works and performs now, it will just have their approval.

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