switch for M1?

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switch for M1?

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I have tried a direct USB connection from my Roon ROCK NUC to my M1 SE and also an ethernet connection. I prefer the ethernet connection, although I'm wondering if I can improve it.

I use an Eero mesh wifi repeater as a hub. The sound is excellent and I've never had any dropouts. It has two ethernet outputs. Presently I run CAT8 ethernet cable into my NUC from the Eero, and anther into the M1. It works fine, but would it improve if I ran everything through a switch? What's the experience of other M1 users? Thanks!
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Re: switch for M1?

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Separating the ‘audio’ Ethernet lines from your WiFi router and using linear power supplies is a common step many take. It’s focus is on reducing / avoiding any and all sources of electrical noise.

An additional step would be to insert a Ethernet to fiber to Ethernet break in the line to your M1.

I use a GigaFoil V4 which internally inserts a fiber break in the Ethernet line. Combined with a linear power supply to the Gigafoil and a Ubiquiti switch, my system has never sounded better.
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